10 best apps for drivers

Written by Ellie

The advance of technology has seen the arrival of many apps which make fleets more efficient, safer and better controlled. Everything from telematics to fuel cards and mapping software help you measure and manage what your people are doing on the road.

But what about the people out on the road – what are the apps which will make their lives on the road a bit easier.

We’ve gone out and found the top 10 innovative and free of charge ways to help your people on the move.

Drivers Club


Available for: Android/IOS

With a handy pump locator to make your driving experience hassle-free and access to exclusive great monthly offers and the latest driving news. All for free. 



Highways England


Available for: Android/IOS

The official app from the agency, Highways England gives the latest traffic information including delays and when they are expected to clear, either by motorway or A-road, region, or by the driver loading in a route. It also gives access to CCTV camera shots of the motorways, and the latest average speeds at each motorway junction. All very useful information for drivers relying on the most up-to-date information on traffic conditions.



Available for: Android/IOS/Windows

Top leasing company Alphabet launched a new app called Alphaguide at the beginning of 2016, and though some elements such as mobile access to contract information and one-tap link to a 24-hour driver helpline are purely for Alphabet customers, there’s a wealth of usefulness that anyone can tap into.

Business mileage tracking, live traffic reports and the ability to sync with a driver’s calendar and use the traffic information to tell a user when they need to leave in order to arrive on time are all available to any user via the free download for IOS and Android phones, with smartwatch integration soon to follow.

The AA


Available for: Android/IOS

In an ideal world, you’d never need the most useful bit of the AA’s app, but breaking down or having a puncture is a stressful event, and the AA can now use its app to pinpoint a vehicle’s exact location.

Drivers can request assistance via their phone without even having to make a call, and the company says patrols are getting to vehicles an average five minutes faster when their position is GPS logged rather than simply described over the phone. That piece of mind is helpful in a time of crisis, and users can also track the AA patrol’s estimated arrival time, particularly handy if you’ve got somewhere warmer and safer to wait than next to the vehicle.

MPG Calc


Available for: Android/IOS

A really simple tool, the app records trip or odometer input, litres and the cost of the refuel, and then calculates fuel economy and records the data to draw a graph showing how a driver’s efficiency has changed.

It also records maximum, minimum ad average figures for efficiency, distance, refuelling volume and cost over all time, a 12-month period and the last 30 days, and can be exported to help with vehicle mileage claims.

Comes in a free version and a ‘premium’ version at £1.49

Arval Drive Challenge


Available for: Android/IOS

This is one for the PlayStation generation, but with the benefit of helping keep drivers safe. Activate Drive Challenge at the beginning of a journey, and the app assesses acceleration, braking and speed, awarding and unlocking badges, points and prizes according to how safely and smoothly a driver behaved.

It basically rewards smooth, steady driving without erratic acceleration or deceleration, which is behaviour every fleet manager would be looking to encourage. It also pinpoints areas of improvement and ranks users against each other.

Shell Motorist


Available for: Android/IOS

An industry first, the Shell Motorist app allows drivers to pay for fuel at Shell service stations via their phone, simply scanning a QR code and the filling up. As well as being convenient and reducing the chance of fraud on fuel claims, it also speeds up the fuel stop by avoiding the till queues.

Users are also notified about in-store special offers, can search for their nearest Shell site and set reminders for vehicle service, MoT and insurance dates.



Available for: Android/IOS

From a driver’s perspective a car accident, however minor, is an experience of shock and upset, but, provided everybody is OK, it’s the cost and inconvenience that lingers from a fleet manager’s perspective.

To control the cost of a potential insurance claim, it’s vital the driver that has just been involved in an accident remembers to collect all the correct information, and this free app details step-by-step exactly what needs to be done. The app is designed to then submit the details collected at the scene to the law firm behind it, but rather than paying for an app that does the same thing, such as the 99p Crash Report app, CrashBook at least ensures all the required information is stored and saved for later.

Doc Scan


Available for: IOS. 

This app enables on-the-move scanning of documents, receipts, business cards and even white boards. Sent as a pdf, the app auto-detects document edges, brightens the image and removes shadow, as well as allowing the user to annotate documents and create multi-page pdfs.

Car manufacturer apps

Car manufacturers are increasingly offering apps that tie-in with their products, with these four among those leading the way.

Source: Fluid Thinking – Shell

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