Help your drivers help themselves: how to correct risky and inefficient driving habits

Bad driving behaviour is one of the most challenging problems a fleet manager has to tackle. The impact is varied, ranging from health and safety issues to company reputation. Examples of poor driver behaviour include: Accidents Speeding Excessive idling Aggressive Read on! →

Shell Synergy Food Truck – Shell is Helping to Make the Future Brighter

The Shell Synergy Food Truck is a new food truck experience incorporating six cleaner energy solutions. See how the Shell Synergy Food Truck was brought to life. Find out how a Shell Fuel card could help your business, here:

Shell V-Power: the ultimate protection for a long life on the road

There’s no escaping the fact that fuel cost and fuel efficiency is a daily concern for the fleet manager. When companies are battling rising costs elsewhere as well as facing price competition from contenders in their marketplace, your fuel supplier Read on! →

Setting goals for the new financial year

The new financial year is a time to take stock and refresh your objectives. Here are some tactics to keep you on course to meet your goals. Goal setting for a new financial year can be challenging. The best way Read on! →

Your career: are you stressed?

We can all sometimes feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day and for fleet managers this can be doubly true. You’re managing not just your own work schedule but one for tens, hundreds and sometimes, thousands of people. Read on! →