Driving in the dark: hints and tips on driving at night

Many drivers – even experienced ones – don’t feel comfortable driving at night, which perhaps explains why road casualty statistics show that 40% of collisions occur in the hours of darkness. Driving in darkness is certainly harder than in the Read on! →

How to make the 9-to-5 count: 10 easy ways to be more productive at work

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Six ways to approach and reduce unplanned employee absenteeism

As a fleet manager, it’s likely you’re all too aware of the huge impact unplanned employee absences can have on your company. At best they give you rescheduling headaches while at worst they lead to a loss of productivity and Read on! →

10 best trucker movies of all time

Whether fighting social injustice from their cab, chasing gangs or – occasionally – playing the villain, filmmakers have long been driven to capture truckers and their four-wheeled side kicks on the silver screen. We take a look at 10 of Read on! →

5 ways to manage a multi-generational workforce

We’re living and working longer than ever which means that our workforce can now theoretically cover four generations. Each one comes with its own benefits and the challenge is to play to the strengths of the various age groups and Read on! →