Fuelling the future: a look at the filling sites of tomorrow

Filling stations are rarely the kind of place we look forward to going: after all, buying fuel is what’s known as a ‘distress purchase’ – something that we have to buy, rather than something we want to buy. Drivers are Read on! →

All you need to know about… vehicle platooning

As all fleet drivers and managers know, congestion is one of the biggest problems that road users face today. Traffic jams are expensive, with delays costing companies money in lost time and fuel wasted by vehicles idling on the road. Read on! →

Is Uber the shot in the arm haulage needs?

On the surface, the ‘uberification’ of freight seems like both a natural progression in a tech-enabled world as well as a bit of a no-brainer. More intelligently matched fleets with clients, faster and with more streamlined payments? So far so Read on! →

Why your truck drivers leave and what you can do about it

Driver retention is a hot topic in fleet, with the industry currently suffering from an unprecedented shortfall in lorries drivers. The Road Haulage Association says it is short of over 34,000 drivers – a figure which looks set to increase Read on! →

How a great service station can improve driver wellbeing

Making things better for fleet drivers and managers:  Why Shell are investing in service stations. From overpriced food to severe limits on parking times, it’s no secret that service stations can leave a lot to be desired. The widely varying Read on! →