Shell V-Power: the ultimate protection for a long life on the road

Written by Ellie

There’s no escaping the fact that fuel cost and fuel efficiency is a daily concern for the fleet manager. When companies are battling rising costs elsewhere as well as facing price competition from contenders in their marketplace, your fuel supplier has to justify every penny of that cost to you.

Which is why when that same supplier is asking you to budget for a premium product, the benefits had better stack up.

Even for experienced drivers and managers, it can be hard to tell at a glance what difference a premium fuel makes to fleet efficiency and effectiveness. It looks the same going in at the pump, the engine sounds the same on the road. But it’s under the bonnet where Shell V-Power is making the real improvements.

One of its most important components is Friction Modification Technology. There’s always going to be some loss of power as engine parts rub against each other, generating heat rather than road speed. Introducing Friction Modification reduces that power loss, delivering more miles for your money.

Shell V-Power

Next on the list is the cleaning and protection technology. Shell V-Power fuel removes the carbon build-up created by standard fuels and prolonged driving. Why do you want to avoid build-up? Quite simply the gunk left behind makes combustion harder and so your engines aren’t as efficient as they could be.

On top of this, standard fuel deposits in your engine encourage corrosion making for more maintenance and less longevity. Shell V-Power contains anti-corrosion chemicals that help protect against rust meaning fewer repairs and less fleet downtime.

A cleaner engine is a more efficient engine. It also makes for cleaner driving. All companies, Shell included, are actively working towards reducing emissions as part of their social responsibility remit. Something as simple as filling up at the pump can go a long way to help us meet our obligations.

Shell V Power

As a fleet manager, weigh up where your costs are incurred, versus how much you want to spend on fuel. It’s important to take the long term view. Premium fuels will deliver greater road miles to some types of vehicles more than others and we would always advise you check with your manufacturer. However all vehicles, from small engine company cars to large delivery trucks, can benefit from the cleaning and protection technologies within Shell V-Power.

Few managers could claim to be sending a fleet of Formula 1 supercars round their routes but with Shell V-Power they at least get to enjoy the technical expertise behind Scuderia Ferrari. With 99% of the same composition as the fuel that powers the Ferrari F1 team, Shell V-Power puts high octane unleaded and high cetane diesel to work across your whole fleet. It’s a small investment for great returns on efficiency, lower emissions and cost savings.

Source: Fluid Thinking – Shell

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